•  AM Carline at Reed School Sponsored by PTA


    Drop Off Time: 8:00 to 8:25 am

    Start Date:  Friday, August 24th


    ·       Turn to Kleinert Way from Tiburon Blvd.

    ·       Cars will line up in the RIGHT lane on Kleinert Way.

    ·       The LEFT lane is for through traffic and BTCCC ONLY.

    ·       The Upper Carline Drop Off Zone is across from the teachers’ parking lot.


    **Please note the lower carline drop off zone near BTCCC will NOT be used**


    ·       Wait politely and patiently in the right lane until you have reached the Upper Carline Drop Off Zone.

    ·       There will be parent volunteers waiting curbside to release children from cars.

    ·       When approaching the upper line, have your children's items at the ready (totes in hands / backpacks on) and say your goodbyes.

    ·       When the volunteer opens the curbside door have children unbuckled and ready to exit.

    ·       Children will proceed to the staff-monitored playground until the school bell rings.




    ·       Be polite to fellow drivers and carline volunteers.

    ·       DO NOT exit your car for any reason while waiting/dropping off.

    ·       No texting or phone use is permitted.

    ·       Do not allow children to exit the car without a volunteer at your car door

    ·       Many find it helpful to move non-Reed siblings carseats to the position behind the driver, so their Reed child can sit on the passenger side and quickly exit the car when the curbside door is opened.

    ·       If your child is upset or will not exit the car, please be prepared to move out of carline to park and walk your child into school.

    ·       Be aware that the BTCCC parents will be coming and going, so please be accommodating while waiting in line.

    ·       When driving on Klienert Way, please observe the speed limit – slow down!

    ·       There is no parking in the staff lot across from the Upper Carline Drop Off Zone.

    ·       Be cautious of pedestrians at all cross walks, teachers crossing from the parking lot and the sidewalk area on Lyford.

    For more information on the afternoon car line:  http://rusdhandbooks.weebly.com/#15b