• FAQ 

    I need to cancel my volunteer slot!

    Sometimes parents will volunteer and then realize they need to cancel.  With enough notification, the parent can email the Room Parent Scheduler to update the class calendar and send out a request for someone to cover as part of the next weekly email to the class.  But for a change less than one week away, the volunteer should email the class directly as this will maximize chances of filling the slot. The Room Parent Scheduler is not required to fill in for people unable to make it.  

    It is difficult for me to volunteer during business hours.  How can I help?

    There are plenty of ways to contribute to the Reed community that don’t involve classroom time.  Morning carline, evening shifts at special events like family nights and donating to the Teacher Appreciation Committee’s events make a difference in the lives of our students and teachers. Be sure to talk with your Room Parent Scheduler about your needs – certain classroom coordinator positions are great for organized parents that can coordinate via email. Also, speak with your teacher, as many will send home small prep projects that can free them to focus on our children.

    Can I volunteer on my child’s birthday? What happens on their birthday?

    Absolutely! Children will be honored on their birthdays in age appropriate ways to be determined by their teachers. Please note that the RUSD Wellness Policy does not allow parents to send in cakes, treats or goody bags of any kind.

    What is the RUSD PTA Communications Policy?

    All communications distributed to parents must be directly related to PTA and school activities only.  No community announcements. All PTA emails to be distributed to parents must be approved by a site chair and/or the RUSD PTA President.

    What are the Reed School Class Gift Guidelines?

    A group gift from the class to the teacher and classroom aide(s) is coordinated by the Room Parent Scheduler at the end of the year only. Participation is 100% voluntary and any contribution is welcome (Room Parents may not suggest an amount).  If parents would like to express appreciation at other times of the year or to other members of the staff, they are welcome to do so on an individual basis.  In May, the district celebrates Staff Appreciation Week, which is an excellent opportunity for families to show their gratitude!

    Have a question or comment or want to get more involved? 

    Contact information for all PTA Site Committee and Event Chairs is located here.