• Classroom Volunteers

    These volunteer positions are signed up on an ongoing basis and managed by your Room Parent Scheduler.

    Classroom Volunteer

    This position is the heart and soul of our PTA Volunteer program!  This is a great opportunity to be in the classroom and see a little of what your child does at Reed. Your presence is extremely important as it enables the teacher to break the class into smaller groups and provide more individualized instruction.  Your teacher will give you all of the information you need - all you have to do is show up on time.

    Every classroom welcomes parents in its own way, each supporting the learning goals of the class. The specific number and times of volunteer spots varies by teacher, as does the type of help needed. Some teachers will require daily parent volunteers to assist with math and/or literacy centers, while others require less frequent help with large cross-curriculum projects. If you have a particular expertise, be sure to let your teacher know!

    Class Art Volunteers

    Art volunteers will assist the children as needed with their work - you do not need to be an artist!  Volunteers will also help the art instructor, Mrs. Caldwell set up before, and clean up after, the art class.  Therefore they are needed 15 minutes before the start of class and will stay 15 minutes after class has ended.  Since Mrs. Caldwell travels between campuses, art classes are offered only during certain weeks.

    General Guidelines

    All visitors and volunteers MUST sign in and get a Visitor’s Badge at the office prior to entering a classroom and must sign out in the office upon leaving Reed.

    When volunteering, we ask that you:

    • Please turn off and put away your phones and other electronic devices
    • Be flexible – remember you are there to help the teacher
    • Remember that it is not your responsibility to discipline students
    • Be reliable and on time
    • Prepare your child that you will be in the classroom
    • Understand that the teacher will not have time to chat with you
    • Refrain from gossip: what happens in the classroom stays in the classroom
    • Have fun!

    No children (including siblings) other than registered Reed School students are permitted to attend classes at any time due to liability and immunization regulations.