•         Classroom Coordinator Positions


    To volunteer for any of these positions for your classroom, please sign up at the Volunteer Coffee or contact your Room Parent Scheduler prior to the coffee. These are great opportunities to help our school community run smoothly and efficiently and to interact with other parents in your class! 

    Car Line Coordinator

    This person will recruit (and remind!) volunteers to staff the car line for the 2 to 3 weeks over the course of the year for which your class is scheduled to work. Your Room Parent Scheduler will provide you with the weeks your class is staffing car line.

    Guidelines for Car Line Volunteers (Coordinator - please email the following description to your class) 

    Volunteers should arrive by 8:00 am, sign in at the office to pick-up Visitor’s badge and walkie-talkie and report to their station in upper car line.  The late bell rings at 8:30 am so car line finishes and the gate closed shortly after.  Parents staffing car line are not allowed to have any children with them at car line as a safety precaution.  Instead, please send school-age children to the playground, where there is aide supervision.  Younger siblings should not be on the playground during school hours.

    Class Party Coordinator

    This person will work with the teacher to coordinate the class parties. Classroom parties are limited to four per year.  They are usually Halloween, Winter Holiday, Valentines and End of School, but may be a different combination at the teacher’s discretion. (The 100th Day of School celebration is not considered a “party” as it is generally planned by the teacher with parents volunteering at centers.)

    Guidelines for Class Parties

    • Discuss with the teacher what he/she would like or expect at the party. Ask your teacher if all parents are invited to attend or limit adults to those assisting at the party.
    • Fun classroom parties are not elaborate or expensive – kids love to play games, dance, sing, do a craft project or two, etc. Think simple and fun.
    • Successful parties have many parents helping out – other parents should be solicited to donate paper goods, drinks, food, lead a craft project, etc. Simple art supplies are generally available through the classroom teacher.
    • Goody bags, hired entertainment and collecting money are not allowed.
    • Where sweets are allowed, there should be no more than one sweet station / activity per party (per RUSD Wellness Policy). It is very important to note that Reed School is a nut restricted campus. Please remind parents who provide party snacks that they must be nut free.

    Parent Party

    It is tradition to coordinate an opportunity for parents to meet and socialize during the fall, though not required. From an all-family event at a playground or a parents-only potluck party at someone’s home, many parents appreciate an opportunity make connections outside the school yard.  Just keep it simple! The goal is to increase community among the families at our school, so try to organize this within the first few months of the year. Teachers may be invited but should not be expected to attend.

    Regatta Art Project Volunteer(s)

    This person(s) will work with the teacher and the children to produce a piece of art that will be auctioned off at the Reed Regatta Fundraiser. NO NEED TO BE AN ARTIST – We have ideas to get your started.  Team up with another parent in the class if you like! It’s a great way to spend time in the classroom with the kids and to help raise money for our schools!

    A Reed Regatta team member will contact you with art project guidelines and other pertinent information, but it is never too early to start bouncing ideas off of your teacher. You may need to ask for donations from parents in your class to cover the cost of supplies and materials but keep it as low as possible. 

    Yearbook Photo Volunteer

    This person collects class photos of the children taken by parents and the teacher throughout the year and submits them to the PTA Yearbook Chairs. The parent will also need to take photos throughout the year at various events the class participates in. The parent is also responsible for selecting a group of photos that is representative of the class and year-long activities and uploading them and will need access to a computer. The parent must also review the draft yearbook layout for the class to ensure that all students have been included and identified correctly.  

    Volunteers will need to use a regular camera – the resolution on smart phones is typically not high enough to produce images of reproduction quality.  If this is the only camera you have, please contact the PTA Yearbook Chair for possible solutions. PTA Yearbook Chairs will contact you with guidelines and a production schedule.

    Kindergarten Safety Day Volunteers

    Each classroom should have two Kindergarten Safety Day Volunteers to guide your child's class through hands-on activities as they learn how to “Play Safe and Stay Safe” with emergency personnel, Otto the Auto (a talking robot car), film clips, live demonstrations, a Fire Safety Trailer, Police Car visits, Ambulance visits & more.