Parental involvement is key to our schools’ ongoing success.  Working together, the Foundation for Reed Schools and PTA manage the two pillars of this involvement: Fundraising by Foundation; and Volunteer Engagement by PTA.  It’s our hope that every parent in the community will become involved -- to the extent that they are able -- in both.


    What is exactly is the PTA?  Formally it stands for the Parent Teacher Association, but you can also think of it this way: People Together Achieve.


    By our estimates, last year each classroom at Reed was supported by over 200 volunteer hours from parents.  This volunteer involvement frees up our teachers to focus on the superior education of our children and enhances the school experience for everyone.


    We want, and need, everyone’s help. These general guidelines for volunteering in the classroom and descriptions of the volunteer positions at Reed are intended to help you find a role — your efforts make a meaningful difference in our community and the lives of our children!


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