• Below is a listing of all PTA Site Committee members and Event Chairs for 2017-2018.  If you have a question or would like to volunteer, please contact one of us.
    Site Committee Members:
Position Name Email
Site Chair Allison Hart allisonhart21@gmail.com
Treasurer Megan Pirsch meganpirsch@gmail.com
VP Communications Wendy Martin wlmartin786@gmail.com
Kindergarten Coordinator Maggie Jackson maggiebjackson@gmail.com
Kindergarten Coordinator Stacey Irving sdebell@yahoo.com
1st Grade Coordinator Laura Smith lauracarolinesmith@gmail.com
2nd Grade Coordinator Amanda Rickel amanda_rickel@yahoo.com
Lunch Volunteer Scheduler Connie Maddox connieandgregmaddox@gmail.com
Lunch Volunteer Scheduler Jen Riley jen_riley@comcast.net
Car Line Coordinator Afsaneh Zolfaghari afsaneh.zolfaghari@gmail.com
Towntastic Coordinator Jacqueline Jaffee jacqueline.jaffee@gmail.com
Member at Large Jessica Malek-Madani jessmadani@gmail.com
Member at Large Juliette Rodenbeck juliettedr1@gmail.com
Member at Large Marci Valente mvalentefamily@gmail.com
Member at Large Camille Bosworth camillebosworth@yahoo.com
Member at Large Caroline Kesmodel cpkesmodel@gmail.com
Member at Large Tammy Beykpour tammyjpaul@gmail.com
  • Event Chairs:
Position Name Email
Art Kindra Lee kindraloy@mac.com
Assemblies/Field Trips Emilie Trimble erosales@gmail.com
Birthday Books Lily Rivo lilyrivo@gmail.com
Book Fair Carli Hamilton carlihamilton@gmail.com
Book Fair Jayme Catanese jayme.catanese@yahoo.com
Emergency Prep Canby Anderies canderies@yahoo.com
Emergency Prep Tammy Bekypour tammyjpaul@gmail.com
Field Day Maggie Jackson maggiebjackson@gmail.com
Field Day Samantha Chatham samantha.chatham@gmail.com
Field Day Casey Mancl mrsmancl@gmail.com
Food Drive Kathryn Ellman 1@kathrynellman.com
Garden Stephanie Alberti stephanie_alberti@uhc.com
Giving Chairs Jennifer Bank dress17@yahoo.com
Giving Chairs Isabelle Schuman isabelleschuman@gmail.com
Kinder Safety Day Canby Anderies canderies@yahoo.com
Kinder Safety Day Tina Davis tina_e_davis@yahoo.com
Library Karen Ripenburg kripenburg@yahoo.com
Library - Maker's Space Cindy Sittman motomama227@gmail.com
Lost and Found Laureen Ong laureen115@yahoo.com
Lunar New Year Tam Le tam.th.le@gmail.com
Math/Science Assembly Lara Dellarocca dellarocca.lara@gmail.com
Picture Day Connie Maddox connieandgregmaddox@gmail.com
Picture Day Carli Hamilton carlihamilton@gmail.com
PTA Membership Afsaneh Zolfaghari afsaneh.zolfaghari@gmail.com
Recess Volunteer Coordinator Sophie Miles Mostafavi sophiemiles77@hotmail.com
Spirit Wear Shaida Aytay shaidaaytay@yahoo.com
Spirt Wear Jennifer Doolittle genyphyr@gmail.com
Staff Appreciation and Hospitality Kristen Bailey kristenbailey2010@gmail.com
Staff Appreciation and Hospitality Tam Le tam.th.le@gmail.com
Staff Appreciation and Hospitality Jennifer Flack jenlove30@gmail.com
UNICEF Mimi Woo mimiwoo78@gmail.com
Welcome Wagon Michelle Barnowski msteelie@gmail.com
Yearbook Kirstin Higby kristinhigby@gmail.com
Yearbook Jessica Nikfar jessica24@gmail.com
Yearbook Megan Pirsch meganpirsch@gmail.com