New Breakfast and Lunch Program 

    Key points:

    • This change is due to a new state mandate.
    • Breakfast and lunch are free for everyone.
    • It is still important to complete the "Free & Reduced" Lunch Application if you feel you may qualify.
    • The new vendor is The LunchMaster. 
    • The meals will be similar to Choice Lunch, but you do not have to place an order.
    • The LunchMaster gives school districts the option of placing orders or not. At this time, RUSD has selected not to ask families to place an order in an effort to simplify the process for families. We will monitor usage and adjust accordingly.
    • Any perishable breakfast or lunch food items that are not eaten throughout the week will be donated each Friday. 
    • The monthly menu will usually be published the week before the month begins so that families can look at the options and decide if they would like to pack a lunch or ask for the LunchMaster meal.
    • The food will follow federal nutrition guidelines.


    Breakfast times are as follows:

    • Reed Elementary at 8:05 AM
    • Bel Aire at 7:30 AM
    • DelMar at 8:00 AM