• Cross Country

    Current Coach: Mike Craig 
     e-mail: mcraig@reedschools.org


    2019   XC @ DM

    Del Mar Competitive Running Club 
    Program Mission and Information

    Welcome to the 2019 Del Mar Middle School Cross Country Team (or as we call call it: The “Del Mar Competitive Running Club”).  

    The county of Marin has seen a large decline in venue space, availability, scheduled meets, and organization.  There is no commissioner of the sport in the county and the coaches have to create meets themselves. As the Director of Athletics and XC Coach, I have decided to turn this from an “interscholastic sport” to a “competitive running club”.  The team will feature both boys and girls. There is no “cuts” and all of those who stay committed to the team will participate in the Oct. 30th Championship.  

    For the weeks leading up to races we will hold two practices a week (1 for boys, 1 for girls), then when we get close to race dates, we will double up and combine boys and girls for two practices a week.  The practices will take place at Del Mar where we can use the trails, hills, track, field, and Blackie’s nearby. The participating students must attend 6 practices to qualify for the Championship Meet. The county rule used to be compete in one meet and be allowed to run in the championship, but with the severe lack of meets I have created this policy to ensure commitment to the club and fellow competitors.


    Thursday 10/17 - PRACTICE 

    Tuesday 10/22 PRACTICE 

    Wednesday 10/23 ***PANTHER CHALLENGE***
    4pm Start @ San Geronimo Golf Course
    (meet at Del Mar parking lot at 2:30pm)

    Monday 10/28 - PRACTICE

    Tuesday 10/29 - PRACTICE

    Wednesday 10/30  ***CHAMPIONSHIP MEET***
    4:15pm @ Indian Valley College (Novato, CA)
    (meet at Del Mar Parking lot at 2:30pm)