• From Principal Brian Lynch:

    The public high schools in our area (Redwood, Tam, Drake) offer high quality educations leading to admission to excellent colleges and universities. I understand some students and families, however, may prefer that their children gain admission to private schools. Please note, it takes valuable staff and teacher time to write recommendations and process applications. Please apply to a school only if your child is seriously considering attending.

    To help us process your applications most efficiently, please bring all required documents and information to Laurie Kristy in the school office as soon as possible, and no later than November 9th. The required documents include: transcript requests, recommendation forms, the private school response form (attached below), and a $50 donation per application (payable to "RUSD") to help us offset costs incurred with regard to processing the applications on your child's behalf. 

    Your child's private high school application process begins at the Del Mar school office. Please then encourage students to demonstrate the courtesy of speaking directly with teachers to request and thank them for writing a letter on their behalf. It should be noted that we have the student's ADVISOR write the "Principal/Counselor" recommendation, NOT the principal or the assistant principal. 

    Very importantly, any school visit whether it be to a public or a private school is considered an unexcused absence from Del Mar. Students will need to keep up with any missed work. Our teachers also request that these visits NOT happen during block days if at all possible.

    If you have any questions, please contact Laurie Kristy at lkristy@reedschools.org.

    Attached is the requested Response Form, plus another informative letter from Dr. Gold about high schools.

    Brian Lynch 

    Private School Response Form

    Private School Suggestions