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    Message from Superintendent, Dr. Nancy Lynch
    January 8, 2020


    Dear RUSD Families,
    Welcome back from the winter break! Teachers were engaged in meaningful professional development and preparation time on Monday in anticipation for your child’s return to school. I know many students are just as excited as their teachers to continue to work toward learning goals and then set new ones once they are achieved. 
    At a recent PTA meeting, I learned that parents may not know they can utilize our website to find information that was previously shared in a newsletter from the district or school. Newsletters are archived so you can go back and find information important to you. Please see the following tutorial to help you access information.
    Equity Resources for Families:
    It is so disheartening that almost weekly there are new reports of acts of hate that occur across our state, country and world. Some people may begin to feel numb to the next event and wonder what they can do to make a difference. I believe it is important that during these times we increase our actions and words that express kindness toward those we know and love, as well as strangers with whom we may think we have nothing in common. Starting a simple conversation with a stranger, or even asking them about what their greatest joy is that day could make a difference. In fact, challenge yourself. I suggest that after you hear of an act of hate, work with your child to create kindness in ways that make a difference in their world. A wonderful dinner topic could be to come up with new ideas to share positive words and deeds with friends and family. 
    To provide you tools to talk about incidents of hate with your child, here are 
    Best wishes for a fantastic 2020!
    Nancy Lynch, Ed.D.