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  • A Message from Superintendent, Dr. Nancy Lynch 

    September 18, 2019


    Dear Parents and Guardians,
    PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoffs
    In response to recent catastrophic wildfires in our region, PG&E has implemented a Public Safety Power Shutoff program aimed at preventing future wildfires and likely resulting in multi-day power outages affecting thousands of residents, businesses and public agencies. Public Safety Power Shutoffs will cause major disruption to the entire community impacting basic services including communications and transportation. There is also the potential for isolated or widespread school closures during multi-day power outages.
    When possible, PG&E will provide potentially impacted customers with notification and updates 48-hours, 24-hours, and just prior to the power shut off. They will also make an effort to provide additional notifications during the outage, and then once power is restored. In some cases, extreme weather events may not allow advance notice.
    In the event of a Power Shut-Off, the Marin County Office of Education, in coordination with PG&E, the Marin County Fire Department, and the Marin County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services have recommended procedures for school districts. The Reed Union School District is prepared to implement these protocols whenever necessary. 
    Please see this important resource for more specific information.
    Suicide Can Be Prevented
    September 8th - 14th was Suicide Prevention Week. During this week, organizations around the country reached out to broadcast the message that suicide can be prevented. You do not need to be a trained professional to have an open conversation about mental health. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention provides information on how to start that conversation. Having these important conversations with those in our lives can make a real difference.
    Equity Resources for Families:
    As we partner in educating our children about how to communicate effectively and respectfully, it is important that we recognize biases that exist for all of us and how we can continually learn through reflection and honesty. I Didn’t Mean it Like That.
    Kind regards,
    Nancy Lynch, Ed.D.
    Reed Union School District