Administrative Staff  
Cala, Lexie Principal, Bel Aire
Chitwood, Mike Director, Maintenance and Ops.
Estrella, Carlos Chief Business Official
O'Connor, Pat Director, Student Services
Lynch, Nancy Superintendent
McKay, Evan Director of Technology
Niesyn, Mary E Principal, Reed
Sawyer, David 
Assistant Principal, Del Mar Middle School
Vann Gardner, Alan Principal, Del Mar Middle School

Certificated Staff  
Armstrong, Anthony
Artis, Susan
Balfe, Carolyn
Baker, Katie
Bjeldanes, Stephanie
Bontz, Kendra C
Bowe, Teresa
Bradshaw, Kristen
Brain, Jeffrey W
Branciforte, Kate
Brigulio, Lisa M
Burgess, Julie
Caldwell, Stephani E
Carew, Aileen
Casey, Kelly
Cerni, Janet E
Childress, Christine
Chitsaz, Jennifer
Conde, Jennifer L
Connor, Yvette
Corsiglia, Stacy H
Davis, Ryan
Deppe, Jamie
Devoto, Paul
Freeman, Kay M
Frey, Jennifer
Gaine, Kathleen A
Geiger, Angela
Gillespie, Marcia S
Gist, Jeb
Gold, Allan
Grebil, Nathan    
Hoover, Elaine
Jacobson, Nathan
Jawor, Wendy L
Jones, Norlene M
Kaiser, Eric
Kesten, Joy
Kover, David
Le Clair, Ingrid
Leinbach, Erica
Lomax, Dana
Malone, Molly
Mariam, Susan M
Marshall, Mary C
Martin, Melissa
McDonald, Lindsey
McKay, Karyn M
McLeran, Laura S
Messmer, Arlie
Modlin, Ross
Morena, Daniel P
Morphy, Kelly M
Narell, Jeff
Nielsen, Bryan
O'Leary, Abigail
Oefinger, Gary J
Oefinger, Teresa A
Perkoff, Max
Peters, Cat
Raiche, Janet G
Remmers, Bjorn
Rhodes, Carin H
Rhodes, Dianne E
Rhodes, Jay
Ritola, Carey
Roseberry, Ryan
Russell, Nick
Ryan, Patty
Salzmann, Linda
San Galli, Jessie
Sanchez, Jim
Sanchez, Stacia F
Shanley, Caitlin
Sheridan, Kathleen
Shern, Jason J
Smith, Amy
Snyder, Aaron M
Sobhani, Marjan
Sonneville, Ryan
Spike, RuthAnn
Stocker, Christy 
Swagerty, Eve
Swett, Barri
Van Putten, Maya
Vattuone, Sarah
Weighall, Chelsea

Classified Staff    
Abella, Kim  
Amaral, Cyd  
Arauz, Daniel
Barkoff, Britton  
Bauer, Kathy  
Cahill, Rachel  
Champomier, Gummee
Ciolino, Mark
Curtis, Carol
Cusack, Rosalind
Cutting, John
Delaney, Liz
Dudgeon, Carol
Emory, Larry  
Glass, Ontatio
Gloystein, Danielle
Goltra, Denny
Gowdy, James
Haddad, Terry
Hale, Andrew
Ikandu, Alex
James, Cevonne 
Jones, Allison  
Kessell, Morgan 
Kristy, Laura  
Kryszewski, Charlie
Lavigne, Brenda  
Lee Pias, Tami
Lin, Alex  
Lopez, Christina
Masino, Patricia
McClendon, Beth
McDaniel, LaDale
Michael, Jeanette
Mills, Liam  
Moattar, Isabelle
Montalbano, Kristen  
Morgan, Terri
Munoz, Eduardo
Nazarian, Lora  
Ngo, Thuc
Parsons, Marianne
Rezaishad, Ghulam
Riley, Peggy  
Rossi, Alan
Sanjeev, Rekha
Schiller, Sara
Silva, Jason
Simontacchi, Sharon  
Smith, Charlesetta  
Stefanaki, Ahthanasia  
Tibbits, Margaret
Toepfer, Jeffrey
Urrutia, Maria
Van Bebber, Michael
Wilson, Deanne  
Woodard, Brian