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A fond farewell to our favorite Librarian

 Goodbye and Thank You
Mrs Dutt 
What I thought was impossible, actually happened last week. There were tears in Community Time. And it was as devastating as you would imagine.
(Mrs Dutt in her throne as Princess of the Library; with tiara & scepter) 
The time has finally come to say goodbye to our beloved librarian - Mrs Dutt. A most cherished member of our team here at Reed for coming up on 20 years now. Mrs Dutt is loved by ALL.
Mrs Dutt is a bright spark of warmth for all our children & our staff, she has made Library time an invaluable enigma.
Her passion for her books & her passion for sharing life's lessons, history, cultural customs - a plethora of experiences beyond the books, has cemented her place in Reed's history as one of the favorites.
 Community Time brought that truth home as both students & teachers found ways to say goodbye through song, poems, drawings & movies. The tears began to flow as we all tried to celebrate her legacy when we all actually wished it wasn't the end.
Mrs Dutt however, is embarking on retirement, so despite out grief, we truly are happy for her newest adventure!
Travel, family & cooking lie ahead in the coming months & years.
If we're really lucky, visits back here to Reed for the occasionally Read-Aloud or the share in the fun of Book Fair, may also have a place in her busy plans.
All our love & best wishes Mrs Dutt - we miss you already!