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illustrated by Quentin Blake BFG      The BFG – by Roald Dahl

(illustrated by Quentin Blake)

The Official Roald Dahl Site – All Books - Teacher Ideas

The BFG – A Reader's Theater script!

The BFG – Teacher Resources


  boy Boy – by Roald Dahl

The Official Roald Dahl Site – All Books - Teacher Ideas – Boy – Lesson Plans – Boy – Activities


Bud, Not Buddyby Christopher Paul Curtis

Annette Lamb's Web-based Thematic Unit!...
Main Page-
Student Resources-
Teacher Resources-

Random House Teacher's Guide

Multnoma County Library's discussion guide - discussion guide

Debbie Barretto's activity sheet

By The Great Horn Spoon – by Sid Fleishman

A Gold Rush Adventure!

Quia Book Quiz

Extension activities from

    (illustrated by Quentin Blake) Charlie & The Chocolate Factory – by RoaldDahl
(illustrated by Quentin Blake)

The Official Roald Dahl Site – All Books - Teacher Ideas – C&TCF - Teacher Resources

Webquest – designed by Ruthi Roché and Lynn Ryan

Roald Dahl Museum – fun facts and activities (including earlydrafts of the book!)


Charlotte's Web - by E.B. White

Teacher Resources from eMints – Lesson Activities

Pocatico Hills School – Student Activity Examples

Read, Write, Think - Lesson Plans


Crispin: The Cross of Lead - by Avi

Scholastic Extension Activity

Discussion Guide from Multnoma County library


Dear Mr. Henshaw – Beverly Cleary – discussion questions – great book activities! (scroll to bottom on this link) – book trivia quiz!


Hatchet - by Gary Paulsen

Mountain City Elementary School's questions and activities

The Educator's Reference Desk - resource guide

Cynthia G. Unwin & Brian Palmer's application suggestions

Teachers Guide

Holes - by Louis Sachar - TRIVIA GAME! - word scramble - discussion questions - Holes trivia quiz! - discussion guide

Deb Flaugher's teacher page

Nancy Polette's literature guide - teacher's guide
 Island of the Blue Dolphins – by Scott O’Dell

Teacher’s Guide – from Random House

Online Book Quiz – Quia Quiz by Donna Fuller

A thematic exploration of the historical fiction novel…

SCORE Teacher's Cyber Guide

illustrated by Nancy Ekholm Burkert           James & The Giant Peach – by Roald Dahl
(illustrated by Nancy Ekholm Burkert)

The Official Roald Dahl Site – All Books - Teacher Ideas – J&TJP - Teacher Resources – activities


Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher – by Bruce Coville

Chapter by Chapter – Question & Activity Guide - Poway Unified School District

Dragon Tongue Twisters – Create your own!

Dragon Writing Prompts

PDF File- Acrobat Reader Needed

The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe - by C.S.Lewis

C.S Lewis Foundation

Quia Quiz - Matching Game of Characters
 matilda Matilda - by Roald Dahl

(illustrated by Quentin Blake)

The Official Roald Dahl Site – All Books - Teacher Ideas – - Teacher Ideas


Quiz on

ThinkQuest Quiz

PDF File- Requires Acrobat Reader

Muggie Maggie by Beverly Cleary – Trivia Quiz!

PDF File - Acrobat Reader Needed

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
- by Kate DiCamillo

The Official Website


My Brother Sam is Dead – by James Lincoln Collier

Draw new illustrations for the book – from

Response Questions from


My Side of the Mountain - by Jean Craighead George

CyberGuide by Judith Greenwald

Virtual hikes of the the book's setting: The Catskill Mountains - writing prompt - extension activity - discussion guide


Old Yeller – by Fred Gipson

An Instructor’s Guide from Harper Academic

Mountain City Elementary School – book activities


Patty Reed’s Doll – by Rachel K. Laurgaard

“Create a commemorative stamp” lesson (can be used with any book!)

Sample response questions from SCORE

Create an “I am” poem – from La County office of Ed


Pedro's Journal - by Pam Conrad

Enrichment Activities from Teacher Vision

Chariho Regional School District website

Discussion Guide for Pedro's Journal from

Extension Activities for Pedro's Journal from

Teacher CyberGuide from the San Diego County Office of Ed.

Activity based PDFs from

"Point of View" Lesson from teacher Judy Kalish

A "6 Trait" Writing Lesson from author Pam Conrad!

Online Pedro's Journal Novel Test


Ralph S. Mouse – by Beverly Cleary – Trivia Quiz!


The School Story - by Andrew Clements

Simon & Schuster - teacher's guides (scroll down this link for activities & questions)

Multnomah County Library - discussion guide

 The School Story Literature Circle

The Tale of Despereaux – by Kate DiCamillo

Multnomah County Library - Talk It Up! Book Discussion Questions

Candlewick Press - reader's guide
 PDF Files- Adobe Acrobat Reader Required

The Tiger Rising - by Kate DiCamillo - discussion questions & activities

Candlewick Press - Reader's Guide - discussion guide - extension activities 

Treasure in the Stream - by Dorothy & Thomas Hoobler

SCORE Teacher's Guide

Gold Rush Webquest! from
Webquest instructions:
Help for finding the answers:

Scholastic Article that explains the science behind the mineral GOLD

Twits    The Twits – by Roald Dahl

(illustrated by Quentin Blake)

The Official Roald Dahl Site – All Books - Teacher Ideas – The Twits - Teacher Resources

A Guide for English Teachers to The Twits


The Westing Game - by Ellen Raskin

The Westing Game Quiz on QUIA (matching and flashcards)

Book Jeopardy Website!

Extension Activities on The Global Book Club

Great activities on Thinkquest! - includes an "heirs & characters" game!


witches    The Witches - by Roald Dahl

The Official Roald Dahl Site – All Books - Teacher Ideas – The Witches - Teacher Resources – The Witches - Quiz!

Extension Activities

The World According to Humphrey – by Betty G. Birney

Welcome to Humphreyville! – extentions, activities, and more
(games are on the right side of the page) from the author’s website!

TeacherGuide The World According to Humphrey
PDF Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

A Year Down Yonder - by Richard Peck

Scholastic Extension Activity

Multnoma County Library

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