Below is a listing of all PTA Site Committee members and Event Chairs for 2016-2017.  If you have a question or would like to volunteer, please contact one of us.
Site Committee Members:
Position Name Email
Site Chair Allison Hart
Treasurer Deb Holland
VP Communications Wendy Martin
Kindergarten Coordinator Cristen Fazal
Kindergarten Coordinator Alison Stiefel
1st Grade Coordinator Maggie Jackson
2nd Grade Coordinator Julia Cashin
Lunch Volunteer Scheduler Connie Maddox
Lunch Volunteer Scheduler Jen Riley
Car Line Coordinator Afsaneh Zolfaghari
Special Events Coordinator Jacqueline Jaffee
Member @ Large Christy Acker
Member @ Large Tammy Beykpour
Member @ Large Trish Jacob
Member @ Large Juliette Rodenbeck
Member @ Large Candace Washing
Member @ Large Stacey Crawford
Event Chairs:
Position Name Email
Art Monica Coleman
Art Isabelle Schuman
Birthday Books Lily Rivo
Birthday Books Pam Goldman
Book Fair (Reed) Adrea Goldberg
Book Fair (Reed) Wendy Martin
Emergency Prep Vanessa Everard
Emergency Prep Julia Cashin
Field Day Maggie Jackson
Field Day Courtney Leary
Field Day Stephanie Plexico
Field Day Amanda Stephens
Food Drive Kathryn Ellman
Garden Stephanie Alberti
Giving Chairs Jennifer Bank
Giving Chairs Jessica Malek-Madani
Giving Chairs Isabelle Schuman
Kinder Safety Day Canby Anderies
Kinder Safety Day Tina Davis
Library Adrea Goldberg
Lost and Found Amanda Rickel
Math/Science Assembly Heather Graves
Picture Day Carli Hamilton
Picture Day Connie Maddox
PTA Membership (Reed) Afsaneh Zolfaghari
Recess Volunteer Coordinator Heather Graves
Spirit Wear Monica Coleman
Spirit Wear Jacqueline Jaffee
Staff Appreciation and Hospitality Carli Hamilton
Staff Appreciation and Hospitality Kate Healy
Staff Appreciation and Hospitality Bronia Hill
Staff Appreciation and Hospitality Tam Le
Staff Appreciation and Hospitality Laura Smith
UNICEF Sarah King
Welcome Wagon Stacy Ford
Yearbook Jennifer Flack
Yearbook Jessica Nikfar
Yearbook Megan Pirsch
Yearbook Advisor Cecilia Carrier