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Dear Parents and Guardians,
During a recent parent meeting held at a school site, a scheduled lock down drill was conducted.  This was a valuable opportunity for those parents to experience the protocols their children follow during a school drill. 
Ensuring student and staff safety is a priority in the Reed Union School District.  To support that import, each school practices earthquake, fire and lockdown drills.  By regularly practicing safety procedures, they become automatic during a real emergency, which greatly reduces the risk of injury or fatality. 
In case of an actual emergency, parents should follow these protocols:

1. School staff will be focused on the safety of students during an
    emergency situation. Parents should never call the school, but
    rather rely on communications generated through the district office
    to gain information on the situation, and directions on how students
    will be released.The District will send notifications to parents with
    information and instructions, as well as post it to the District website
    main page.

2. Access to each campus is limited and needs to remain open for
     emergency responders. Parents should never drive immediately to
    the school as this will cause traffic problems and limit the resources
    of our emergency responders.  Parents will not be allowed
    onto campus during an emergency.
3. Remember there will be limited cell phone capability. If every parent
     and student is using their cell phone, towers will become blocked
    which limits our ability to communicatioimportant information to
    keep parents informed.
By following these protocols, we will be able to focus solely on the safety of students and staff during an emergency.  
Nancy Lynch, Ed.D.


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